Collection: Saddles

All saddles are ordered to your horses measurements.

You will have a saddle that is completely made for your horse.

It takes 6-8 weeks to receive your saddle after you have ordered it.

We have Demo saddles, so you can try the seat to see if you like the saddle. If you do like this saddle we can order the saddle for you. If you do not like the saddle we can send you a new Demo to try. The trees are made off the measurements that you provide.  

We also carry a selection of used saddles. Once you have selected a used saddle to trial and filled out the contract. The saddle will be sent to you for a 7 day trial. 

We can use an Equiscan to measure your horse and order your saddle. We are here to help you find a saddle for your horse.

If you need a consultation on ordering, saddle fitting, or trialing a new saddle please contact Jennifer Glass at or text 719-641-6587.