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Passier Compact Comfort Dressage Saddle

Passier Compact Comfort Dressage Saddle

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PASSIER Compact Comfort Dressage Saddle The Compact Comfort offers ultimate comfort for the rider – not only on horses with a short back! The Compact Comfort is the next generation of the Compact Dressage Saddle. Its short contact surface makes sure the saddle does not extend past the 18th rib. At the same time the seat is significantly larger and more comfortable for the rider! Essential but invisible to the eye: the Queen Special Feature is a cut out at the front of the saddle tree, right in the pubic area. You will love this inner value, because it reduces pressure and makes the saddle extra-comfy and super soft! The narrow, high thigh supports keep the legs in place and the thighs in the optimum position. Of course the saddle is especially horse-friendly: the freedom panels provide greater freedom for the withers and the W-girth arrangement keeps the saddle firmly in place. The saddle is available with sparkling Premium Crystals and design variations on the cantle. Refinement with Premium Crystals Premium Crystals shown here Design Variations on the Cantle Design Variations on the Cantle shown here Leather Natural Grip leather Seat, knee inserts, and panels: Selloil leather Features PS saddle tree with wider rear end, Queen Special Feature, narrow, high thigh supports, W-girth arrangement, freedom panels Sizes 1 to 3 Colors Black Havana Teak (no Natural Grip leather, only European Calf leather) Art. no. 534

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