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Effol mouth Apple butter

Effol mouth Apple butter

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Effol mouth butter encourages relaxation of the jaw by stimulating the horse to chew softly on the bit. Relaxation of the jaw line in the horse activates the parotid glands which results in salivation and hence the production of the foam. Salivation is key for lubrication between the bit and the cheek walls, enabling the bit move freely within mouth without friction. This allows for an improved and more stable contact and as a result increases ride-ability. Even horses with a very sensitive mouth will benefit, as Effol Mouth-butter acts like a second skin with zinc oxide and Peru balsam, and Allantoin which keeps the corners of the mouth smooth and soft. Effol Mouth-Butter has been specially developed in collaboration with vets and riders Analysis of the product have found: - 75% of riders confirm an increase in contentment of their horses and a related improvement in riding quality after only two weeks - 87.5% confirm an increase in chewing activity whilst riding - Almost all riders confirm the high care moisturising effect on the sensitive corners of the mouth. - 100% of the riders questioned would buy Effol Mouth Butter and recommend it to others. Effol Mouth Butter comes in the exciting apple flavour. IN SUMMARY EFFOL MOUTH BUTTER: Formulated to provide soothing care to the horse’s mouth Replenishes moisture Restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the mouth Encourages acceptance of the bit Prevents rubbing Helps heal already broken, sore skin May help to eliminate teeth grinding or bit chomping

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