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Zaldi Kira Klass Dressage saddle

Zaldi Kira Klass Dressage saddle

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Hand made with 15 benefits to rider and horse. Adaptable: choose tree, stirrup bar, seat, flaps, panels, knee rolls, girth straps and leather as you wish 1. New shock protection. In viscoelastic ´memory foam´ with 4cms soft silicon. 2. An extra comfortable seat. Made from 3 layers of rubber; 2 layers of ELAX high density silicon and one layer of latex. 3. With flexible, durable tree/seat. New 2.5cms higher protection of croupon leather and moulded material to avoid damage to the tree in the event of a fall or knock. 4. New dual density tree, with different densities for horse and rider. The anatomically designed tree made from polypropylene with EPDM and talc (EPDM is an extremely durable type of synthetic rubber, an elastomer. The E refers to ethylene, P to propylene, D to diene). The dual density tree allows for many characteristics of rigidity, deformation and absorption of energy where needed in different areas. This is the result of the continued process of Research and Development made in conjunction with CIDAUT (Foundation for Research and Development in Transport and Energy). This new tree has the ability to adjust completely to the back of the horse a development which together with the dual density gives benefits to both horse and rider. At the bottom part of the tree (1.5cms in thickness), the part that is contact with the horse´s back the foam is designed to expand and spread the rider´s weight over the horse´s back, so avoiding pressure points. With 10% elasticity to allow reverse rotation, so giving the horse full freedom of movement. This is the product of years of study for the optimum density to distribute weight evenly across the horse´s back, to spread the pressure in a homogeneous way so to avoid overloading the dorsal muscle mass and in this way eliminating restrictions on pressure points that could degenerate into mechanical problems and pain for the horse. Incorporating an open structure in the back and arms of the tree to allow full adaption for the back and neck. The top side of the tree has been optimized in design (0.5cms thick) for rider comfort, it is elastic, absorbs shock and allows free passage of the horse´s energy. It is durable and resistant in long term use. The weight of the rider, taken from the points of contact, is spread over the surface providing a feeling of weightlessness without pressure points. Spreading the weight evenly gives a positive result and makes riding more enjoyable. The rider contact area is ergonomically designed, lifting the lateral areas to release pressure on the urethra, so avoiding possible health problems in later years and allowing full and unrestricted blood flow. The top surface is slightly curved, to adapt to the rider and give optimum comfort while helping to push the pelvis forward and keep the back in a correct and comfortable riding position. 5. New Intelligent panels, with incorporated wither pad. Consisting of 1cm layer ´memory foam´ wither pad with moisture resistant wool filling to avoid lumps or voids. 6. Comfortable trim. The trim where saddle and flaps join has been redesigned for comfort and to avoid pressure on the inside thigh when riding. 7. Ergonomic flaps. Helps the rider adjust to an optimum position. 8. Reinforced with an ´anti sanding´ effect. Made in croupon leather giving greater durability to the saddle. 9. Double sewn girth straps. Reinforced and double stitched with waxed thread for maximum strength. 10. The first girth strap is elasticated, for easy movement and to allow the horse to breathe freely whilst also releasing pressure on the horse´s back. The second girth strap is in a V configuration which is good in any saddle as it avoids saddle roll and helps to release pressure on the shoulder. 11. Knee rolls with air intake. The knee rolls contain a row of air holes to allow circulation of air which gives correct pressure and support at all times. 12. New anatomically shaped dual density knee roll, providing strength in the upper section and more flexibility in the lower part. 13. Anatomic panels. The new series of panels are made in a triangular shape for easy movement of the horse and to adapt to pressure caused by the rider´s weight. 14. Close contact effect. The flaps are attached directly to the panels, with 10cm stitching along the entire length to prevent displacement of the flaps in use. 15. Long Sprenger stirrup bars, at an angle of 45°, so hindering foot slippage from the stirrup. The top quality stirrup bars carry the Sprenger guarantee. -SIZES: -Rider: from 16" to 18" - 19" / -Horse from 28 to 34 cm. APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS OF THIS SADDLE IN SIZE 16" -Measurement of the seat: 41cm, from the cantle to the Zaldi nail. -Length of the panel in the underside: 46cm -Length of the flap (down from the stirrups bar): 38cm -Kneepad: 36cm high x 10cm wide x 6cm projection (also available with TM-System 20cmx8.5cmx9cm) or with medium kneepad (34cmx7cmx4.5cm) - SEE CONFIRGURATION SHEET -Weight: 7.400kgs NOTICE: It is very important to send your order of a saddle with its configuration sheet properly filled. The saddle in the publicity picture, related to this reference on our website, is configured with the options marked in the following pictures. You can enlarge them to see them carefully.

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